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Merry Christmas from Allstate?

Hi Thomas,

I have always had Bob XYZ as my agent, but you are now listed on the website as my agent when I login, so I am now contacting you.  In addition, I will be sending a copy of this email to Bob XYZ and posting a copy on my website.  I was not able to find a general customer service email for Allstate that I could also involve.

I cancelled all three of my Allstate policies effective midnight 11/1/2011.  I had paid my renters (renewed 08/11) and motorcycle (started 07/11) policies in full, but was making monthly installments on my auto policy (renewed 08/11).

When speaking with Bob regarding the cancellation of my policy, we went over the fact that there would be “penalties” for cancelling my policies, and discussed the refunds I would receive on the motorcycle and renters policies, as well as the bill that would be due for the auto policy.

Within a week of cancellation, I started receiving significant amounts of “spam” mail to my home from Allstate.  I understand, but do not appreciate, these aggressive attempts to win back my business.  With equal swiftness to the spam mail, I received an invoice for the outstanding balance on my auto policy.  It has been less than 60 days since my policies were cancelled, and I believe I have received 2-3 notices for my outstanding balance.

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Can someone please clean up the Gulf already?

I realize that it’s difficult to accept responsibility sometimes, but its an achievement we all have to face at some point in our lives.  Until this mess is stopped and cleaned up, it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is… really.  Just fix it, pay the bills, the fines, the PR, etc…  and if it was the fault of Haliburton, or Joe Plumber, or whomever, you can take them to civil court and try to get your money back.   In the meantime, clean up the mess..  Oh, and thanks for not paying in money in US taxes last year, that was awesome… Oh, and thanks for raising gas prices right now even though the price for a barrel of oil is dropping.. Oh, and stop being so lame.

Here are a couple of interesting notes from the web:

10 Things You Don’t Want To, but should, Know about the BP Oil Spill – Very informative article!

courtesy of 9gag.com

Here is a great video by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC talking about the unfortunate coincidences between this oil spill and oil spills in history:

Here’s something we can fix about Health Insurance

Most insurance policies provide coverage for claims arising from a loss that occured during a policy period.    When I say most insurance policies, I mean to say all that I can think of with the exception of health insurance.

For example.   If you are in a car accident, but your policy lapses 2 days later.  That accident is covered.  They are responsible to pay for the damages, medical bills, etc..  (all within your limits of course!)…. but it doesn’t matter that you no longer have insurance with them.  You paid for coverage during that period of time.

Liability insurance?… you betcha 🙂  They are responsible to for any claims stemming from incidents that occurred during your policy effective dates.  If I have liability insurance for two years, and then I switch companies.   If a claim comes up for something that happened during the time I had insurance with the first company  (lets say someone waits a few years to sue me..) then the company I had coverage with at that time is responsible. Continue reading Here’s something we can fix about Health Insurance