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WordPress – Email not sending after Jetpack Update

I recently ran into an issue where I updated the Jetpack wordpress plugin to version 9.2, and suddenly the contact forms stopped working.  I was able to see the form submit completely, and the contact information was still available in the “feedback” tab in the wordpress dashboard, but the actual email sending wasn’t working.

Fortunately, I have a solution..

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Don’t be trapped by dogma

Read this.. felt motivated!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Steve Jobs

I love you

Sometimes we just don’t say it enough.   All of the people in my life are simply amazing, and I couldn’t be more happy, proud, or motivated by those around me.   Thank you all!

PubCon South NOLA 2012 – 20% Discount with Offer Code – rc-9556420

If you are debating whether or not to come see me speak at PubCon South this year in New Orleans, hopefully this sweet 20% off coupon will help convince you. Just checkout with a Gold or Platinum pass using the offer code rc-9556420.

PubCon was always my goto event when I started in search marketing years ago… it is just so easy to develop new ideas, learn from others mistakes, and take home several new additions to your SEO toolkit. I think this is becoming even more important for in-house SEOs over the past year or two as Google has made many significant changes to the their algorithm and its always a great to hear all the ideas and theories about what strategies will continue to work, and what the next big “wave” will be.    I’m proud to have developed my expertise to now be a speaker at PubCon, and I hope you will join me in NOLA!


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Disclaimer: I believe I do get some type of referral fee if you use my coupon code….  though this has no impact on my opinion that PubCon is always awesome!


Update: Salman Khan and Google Play

So, I was selected to be one of the individuals to ask Mr. Khan a question during the Google Play interview…  YAY.      Here is the video of the interview and its full of all kinds of fantastic information and ideas that are shaping education for our future.

Salman Khan will be hosting a Google Hangout!

You may be familiar with the name, Salman Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy, which is an organization providing a large library of educational videos to facilitate self-learning.   I’m really excited about the hangout and look forward the momentum this is helping to build.     This is a pairing with Google as part of an effort to build awareness around education and to discover talent within the space. There was a recent search for “Education Gurus” –, and it appears Google is working diligently to bring positive attention/change to this sector.

Unfortunately, with getting married, work, etc.. I haven’t quite been paying as much attention to the space as I would like and I’m very grateful for Mark Traphagen bringing this to my attention.

If I were participating in the hangout I would probably ask some of the following questions:

  1. In this more global economy, do you see the purpose of education to be preparing children for “life” by continuing to focus in a broad curriculum, or do you foresee a shift in which the curriculum becomes more focused on catering to the specific strengths and passions of the individual students to foster a more specialized individual?   Why?
  2. There is a significant gap in learning between single-parent, low-income, light/no involvement households and those in which one or both parents are more involved.  From this, it seems one of our biggest challenges is parents prioritizing their child’s education and overcoming other socioeconomic barriers preventing them from being more involved.  Is it our responsibility to the children to adjust our education system to accommodate for these scenarios, and how could you foresee that being handled?
  3. The Kahn Academy is providing a much needed service by facilitating the shift to online education.  As technology continues to improve education, how do you foresee the roles of a teacher shifting?  For example, if each child has a custom curriculum being delivered via videos, etc..  does the teacher role become more of a classroom moderator and facilitator than a traditional teacher?
  4. Many educators strongly support the increased learning resulting from online and technology-driven educational strategies, but fear negative social impacts and a decrease in collaborative thinking.  How does your opinion agree/differ, why, and how do you see this being addressed?
  5. Ideally speaking, how do you envision a typical day for a kindergartner, 5th-grader, high-school senior in 20 years?
Would be great if someone wants to chip in their opinions to answer the above questions..   🙂



Home School Domination

Below is an infographic that was shared with me, and I thought it would be appropriate to post here.

I’m somewhat of a homeschooling fan, as I was homeschooled for 3 years, and I feel like I benefited greatly. Granted, I had an eduNazi mom for a teacher (love you mom!) and I loved school. I think the benefits would mostly in allowing me to move forward at a pace that kept me interested.. When I was excited about a topic or concept, I would get lost in learning about it.
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Your Religion is NOT Important!

I was talking with a client about beliefs and he shared this powerpoint that portrays a conversation between a Brazilian theologian, Leonardo Buff,  and the Dalai Lama regarding which religion is the “best”.


Please note that I have not confirmed these quotes to be in fact from the Dalai Lama. Regardless of the origin, I like the underlying message and wanted to share.


Virante is awesome.   Everyday that I come in to work, I get to hang out with really great people that want to change the world in a better way.  Most importantly, they all care about each other.  If someone hurts, we all band together to try and help, and that is what makes this company truly feel like a family.   Most companies claim that is the case, but here, it is true.   Malcolm, our CEO, gets personally invested in ever person that works here and makes it a personal ambition to make their lives better.

Thank you Virante..    I once said, during my interview, I would only be here for a year… but now I know this is my home.