Talk Fusion: Great Idea but a Terrible Business Model

UPDATE 6/4/09

I have been advised to make some changes/updates to this post.  I will be editing any/all instances where one could construe my opinion for fact, and placing the word alleged, or allegedly in a very clear manner.

Furthermore, I do apologize if anyone in the course of reading this article took my opinion as fact.. Please note that the only fact is that after watching the video, my first instinct was to do a google search for Bob Reina Scam or Talk Fusion Scam which turned up enough results for me to be concerned for my friend who paid for this service and was trying to get me to join.

Here is a list of things you should consider checking into before purchasing/joining the Talk Fusion solution/team.  In no way am I insinuating that these questions are representative of fact… you should ask yourself these types of questions before making a decision to purchase any type product, or becoming a business “partner” with any company!

  1. Do they accurately represent their product in their selling points?
  2. Does their refund policy provide me with any protection if I do not like the service?
  3. Does the Patriot Act require me to give out my Mother’s maiden name?
  4. Does this company have a solid reputation?
  5. Can I really make a million dollars if I do this?
  6. What would Jesus do?

UPDATE 6/3/09

I have been contacted by the Talk Fusion Attorney’s requesting that I remove this post. Attached is the letter from his Attorney, as well as the rebuttal by Mr. Reina. I will not be removing this post unless I have a court order, but I will be  updating it accordingly as things progress.

I do find it interesting that they find it necessary to call me at work and include my employer in the letter address… they could have easily gone to and obtained my personal contact information.

Later – Just in case anyone was wondering, I received a “video” email that had a screenshot of this page with a link (to a page very similar to this one) – I’m using a different page so as to protect the innocence of the “agent” who initially brought this to my attention.


UPDATE 6/1/09

I received a call from Bob Reina today.  He was trying to give me a friendly warning/chance to remove this post, as he claims it to be slanderous to his name/business.   In all fairness, I think it is important to say that I personally have no knowledge/proof that this is any type of scam, and I wrote the script above as a satirical piece strictly to express my opinions.

FYI to the world.. this is my blog.. this is my opinion…

Bob informed me that one of his 2 attorneys will be sending me a letter to take it down, and that will be followed by a suponea to appear in court in Florida.  I did invite Mr. Reina to leave any comments he wishes on this site, and to please correct me in any area that I may be wrong.

Since I do think there are aspects of Talk Fusion that are questionable.. such as the fact that they allegedly don’t actually send a video email, and thats what they allegedly claim to do… and they seem to be  allegedly pushing some type of MLM.. and they ask for your Mothers Maiden name (which Mr. Reina explained he has to do by law under the Patriot Act)  I’m leaving this article here to encourage anyone researching this topic to do some digging on their own.


Original Post

So, to explain the cat video from Friday..   I was contacted by a client/prospect who’s son had just  allegedly signed him up for Talk Fusion, and I was trying to explain the concept of clicking a link from an email, and landing on a webpage.    I was going to create a video to prove my point, but decided that it wasn’t worth my time.. and I failed in trying to upload it :.(

I thought it would be fun to share the script we wrote though, just for the hell of it.  Please note that I think the simplicity in using Talk Fusion to upload a video, and quickly send out a link to a formatted page with the video embedded is pretty cool.  I just have major beefs with the entire money side of the business.. the whole MLM (multi-level marketing) and Pyramid scheme  alleged nature of Talk Fusion and Bob Reina.  I wish they would relaunch/rebrand the service, or sell it to a company like iContact so the simple nature can be used without all the alleged negativity being associated with it.

Here’s that transcript (if someone wants to make the video, I’ll post it):

HI !!! my name is Jake, and I’m here today to tell you how easy it is to send out video emails.

Some of you may ask yourselves: “Why would I listen to you, Jake, when I can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting a service like Talk Fusion to create a video for me?”

The short answer: my way is free and doesn’t involve having to ask everyone you know if they want to be part of an alleged marketing scheme.

There are no upfront fees, no monthly fees, and no crippling guilt that keeps you up at night wondering how things went so horribly wrong.

So how can something so complex as sending a video email be done for free? Simple… YOUTUBE.. this groundbreaking technology allows users to upload and host videos for FREE.  McDonalds is in business today because nobody has started a burger joint that gives the sandwhiches away for free…

What is more amazing is that youtube has a proven duplication technique that allows your friends and their friends to upload their videos for free as well.. the exact same strategy that Ray Crok used to build McDonalds… hell, even strangers can do it.

You may be asking yourself.. why would I use this FREE Youtube service which is the largest video hosting site on the internet and owned by major business giant Google instead of paying money to use a service allegedly owned by Bob Reina, who has an alleged reputation of scamming people?

Another short answer… because its smart.

How easy is it to signup for youtube?  Just give them an email address and password.  How easy is it to sign up for talk fusion? Just give them your name address, social, mothers maiden name, and credit card number… why do they need your mothers maiden name again?

What about those pretty landing pages that Talk Fuzion gives you that lets you put your branding around the video?  Youtube doesn’t have that..

You’re right, youtube just gives you the ability to put the videos on your own website, or frankly wherever you want without having to send traffic to a talk fusion website..  oh youtubes, thats so smart.

But talk fuzion is allegedly about sending video emails…. right??   WRONG.. talk fuzion allegedly sends a picture that looks like a video, and when a user clicks on it, it takes you to a webpage that hosts the video…   This is because you cannot send video in an email… they are allegedly lying.

If you aren’t a technical minded person, or if you’re not familiar with how marketing schemes work, you might think this is a business opportunity waiting to happen.. i tell my friends, they send me money, and in 8 months I have a million dollars..   The only person that works for is the person at the top of the multi-level marketing scheme, everyone else gets screwed.

So.. what do we do now?  Well, you can stop sending out these alleged fake video emails, and you can try to protect your friends from being victims by raising awareness.   If you send this video to your friends, you won’t make any money, but you might save your friends some.

Lastly, remember the rules of a pyramid/mlm scheme..  If you pay money so you can convince other people to pay money, and in the process you are giving away something that can be had for free… you are a part of this broken, and often criminal system.

You may have heard of systems like ASD Cash Generator, and Bernie Madoff’s system that made many people millions of dollars. What do they both have in common? People paid in to the scheme and some people made a lot of money, but others didn’t.

They have one more thing in common, they both have faced criminal charges in court.

If you still love Talk Fusion, let me point your to their refund policy.   They allegedly offer a full refund (minus fees of course) if you cancel within 3 days..  It is important to note that they alledgedly require 5 days written notice to cancel the service..  So, if you just curious, send in a cancellation letter, and then 2 days later signup for the service… WTF?

67 thoughts on “Talk Fusion: Great Idea but a Terrible Business Model”

  1. This is awesome Jake, you said everything I wanted to say and more. Wish people could see through this Ponzi Scheme!

  2. i think you might be forgetting something

    many of these “reputable” business ventures have gotten out of the Pyramid/MLM business

    they are now in the Network Marketing business

    please do some research before you go off whilly nilly

    …great story im glad i stumbled apon it =)

  3. Sounds like a classic pyramid scheme to me. Don’t bow to their tactics – slander cases rarely go to court…

  4. Wow Bob Reina really has no clue what people are saying about him, if he is worried about this blog.

    His reputation is already complete shit, and the documentation goes back for months.

    Nice try Bob, and dumb ass lawyer, but you can’t shut up the internet, and whenever you try it will eat you. I recommend filing a complaint with the Florida Bar Association against the shill lawyer.
    In addition I have saved this website and will repost it under a url that is much closer to Talk Fusion’s URL the second this gets taken down. In addition I hope you have contacted someone at the EFF in regards to the censorship issues involved.

    lol. Total Fail on Multi-Levels! Bob Reina’s reputation on the head of a pin see link for lulz.

  5. The reason they called you at work is because they want to leverage the work environment to put more pressure on you. If they keep calling at work and sending you letters there, your boss will notice and may become involved. They may even contact him directly to pressure him to pressure you claiming that they’re going to sue the company for aiding and abetting or conspiring or something.

    Hear that Bob? Go fuck yourself. You gonna sue me too?

  6. Just wanted to say that youtube gives you the ability to put the videos on your own website, or frankly wherever you want without having to send traffic to a talk fusion website. that’s the important feature that youtube have

  7. Jake,

    I’m a business man and I don’t think you have a handle on what they are selling. Checked in and they are not selling a video for all to see. This is in box to in box personal communication and you don’t send someone to a web site to view. You’re way off base here. When I send a talk fusion video it’s directly to my customer tailored for our specific business need at the moment. You are correct if you want to spray your companies banner on a web site but that has nothing to do with specific multiple communications every day. You could use some Business 101 courses to understand what happens in day to day e-mail communications. A video e-mail taylored to a specific person that can be done quickly and efficiently is well worth the little it costs to get this servicce. By the way you and Barak O. share the same idea that making $$ is evil. Chairman Mao would love you guys! Have a great day!

    Wayne In Wisconsin

  8. Thanks Wayne,

    It is possible that I don’t have a handle.. My perspective is limited to my requesting a “video email” from a talk fusion associate, and my receiving an email containing a screenshot of the page hosting the video… the image was a link to the talkfusion page with the video embedded… obviously, that is not a video email, but a picture email!!! Maybe he forgot to hit the switch for “really send a video email this time”…?

    I’ll try to revisit my Business 101 textbook, but if I recall correctly, “day to day e-mail communications” was not a chapter that was covered.

    I have no problems with making $$, I just choose to do it in ways that are ethical by my standards.

    Thanks for the opinion!

  9. we all know talk fusion is a mlm ….and dos not work and no one is makeing any money……IT IS WHAT IT IS…….LIKE WE NEED ANOTHER MLM……GIVE US A BREAK

  10. Glad I got to read all this before I signed up, I’m leary about anything these days, but always hoping that there is something out there that can change my life, but I think it’s just creates more problems than it’s worth. Thanks for your post and enlightening me about talkfusion, now I can sleep better tonight and not worry about if I should or shouldn’t sign up….

  11. Talk Fusion a paid version of a free service provided by TokBox

    Same service. Same process. No initial investment.

    Video Email AND Video Chat

    Also no remuneration nor residual income.

    Works great

  12. I believe what everyone is forgetting here, no matter what the video email is (a pic or whatever) can you send a video email without that person being online? I checked out tokbox & its a video chat, not a video email, you have to be online to talk with each other! I brought Talk Fusion attention to some certain people that I know it would work great for them, as they are not online the same time thier friends or family are, due to a time difference.
    I would love to get a video email from my grandson, I am at work, he is at home, so hes able to make the video email, I am not able to view it as I am at work, but when I get home & hes not online, I can still view his video!! Thats what Talk Fusion does! It allows me to view it whenever I want! There is always something out there that you are going to call a SCAM, have you tried it? Have you sent it to your friends or family & get thier response? You have to venture out to be able to experience it, & if you dont venture out to do that, how can you have so much to say about it? Im glad youre not a critic on movies, cause if you dont see it, you cant review it! But you sure could stop someone from seeing it by your opinion & they make like something you dont! I read the message too from Helen, How you can base a decision in your life, on what someone else says, I can’t figure that one out! Maybe you should ask someone that has experienced it!
    No I am not making millions of $$ but I still can use it whenever I want to send a video email to my family whenever I want! So why dont you keep your opinions to yourself? Its jealousy, its gotta have the last say, its opinionated! I probably wont ever visit this site again, as it negativity! There is enough of that in this world, but they only way you dont subject yourself to it, is not visit it!!

  13. Cheryl, you should probably do some homework..

    Tokbox lets you record the message on your own time, and then it emails a link to the video to the person you wish to see it.. You don’t have to both be online at the same time.

    This seems to be similar functionality as talk fusion in your example, just without you having to give out the alleged credit card info, mom’s maiden name, money, self-worth, dignity, etc.. to do it.

  14. I dont know that I gave out that much info for talk fusion, sounds a little tmi to me, but ok, so it emails you a link, I dont get a link with Talk Fusion, I open it right in my email & there it is, but I am not here to compare as I have Talk Fusion, I was basically saying why are there so many people putting things down, but no one says the good thing about anything! Plus who has checked it out before saying all these things about it, have they used it? Thats all…..

  15. @Cheryl..

    First, I have to make this disclaimer so Bob Reina’s watchdog attorney doesn’t try to give me the run around again… I am not accusing Bob Reina and Talk Fusion of doing anything illegal.. all of the words below are my opinion only, and are based upon my personal technical expertise, which is obviously (to me) much greater than the technical expertise of most Talk Fusion associates.

    You THINK that you open it right in your email…. but you really don’t.. They have a very clever way of confusing people into thinking that is the case with their marketing (I’m not claiming this is coercion). I had this same conversation with a TalkFusion associate who was quite surprised when I proved that the video doesn’t really play in your email, that it just opens a page in your browser..

    If you are using Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, AOL, Entourage, etc.. email client, I want you to go to an email with the video. I then want you to look at the top of the page, and notice where it says the name of the program you are in… (this will match the name of your email client). Then, click on the play button on the video in your email (it’s really just a picture), and notice that your computer opens a new browser window (like internet explorer) or a new tab (if you are using gmail), and the video begins to play…. without going to your taskbar or back to another tab, you cannot click into another email… it doesn’t play inside of the little message window and still show you all of your other emails off to the side… which is what would happen if there really was a video in your email… For example, a picture email, shows you the picture right there in your email, you don’t have to go somewhere else to look at it. In this case, the “video” opens a new window, goes to a webpage that looks just like the giant picture in your email, and plays the video…. Alternatively, instead of clicking the play button, you could also right click, copy the link address (because the picture of a video is just a link), and then paste in your browser to go to the video, which is NOT embedded in your email.

    This “groundbreaking technology” is recycling the same technology that lets you click a buy button in a newsletter that takes you to a product page… (and they don’t market that technology as sending an e-commerce shopping cart email)

    To give you a little of the science behind it… To play a video inside of your email, your email client would have to execute javascript, or similar scripting language to fetch data from an outside source and begin playing on your computer. Email clients DON’T do this for security reasons… because they don’t want you executing scripts on your computer until you know what they are and confirm who they are from…. Email clients don’t have a problem with displaying certain types of images in the email (many require you to click a button to even allow that to happen), and they don’t mind having a link in the email, because they assume you are smart enough to know not to click on things that are bad.

    The whole reason I started this article was because I felt that Talk Fusion was being dishonest with their marketing, and misleading their customers into thinking that they send out a video email… I told Bob Reina directly that I loved the concept of the product. But I feel it is really the ability to easily record videos, send an email with links to the video, and track the behavior of people that you send the video. In and of itself, that is a great marketing tool, and I don’t see why we have to confuse people into thinking its something it is not just to make it sound like it is something groundbreaking.. My gut feel is that the whole business is more geared towards getting people to buy into the associate program, and Bob is a hero because he wants to help all the little guys start their own little talk fusion reseller business.. But thats just my opinion!

  16. We are looking at Talk Fusion as a business marketing tool. You seem to know something about these tools so I was hoping you could offer some other thoughts. UTube is not an option because you publish it on the web and anyone can access the information, plus it isn’t really that professional to say to a client, check out the UTube video I sent you 🙂
    I tried TokBox, very cool if you are connecting with family/friends, but it seems like you have to register (easy process but an extra step if using the video to solicit business) and the video is played on the TokBox web site which is really busy with a lot of functions. It looks unprofessional for ‘my’ business – ie, if I sent a personal message about our business toa customer, they are taken to the TokBox site to view the video. I suspect many will end up playing on TokBox instead of getting on with our business.
    So my question – do you know of another option? Free or paid that allows us to customize the video and email the customer receives?
    I don’t have a problem with the whole “it’s not really in the email” thing. I see your point about the marketing, but that is all symantics in my opinion. Even TokBox says they send a video email.
    My last thought was the network marketing piece of it. It seems like people don’t really earn very much money from the “pyramid”, it looks like you are really getting a referral bonus if someone you know signs-up. I think that is actually great since we learned about it from a business associate who is not selling it but will get $500 if we use it. Even Bank of America gives you $20 if you get a friend to sign-up for their bank. I love referral bonuses and wish I could get them for everything I send people to.
    Anyway, thanks for any advice on other video email (or outside email) options.

  17. Hi Judy, I’m all for Talk Fusion as a product.. just so long as you don’t spend more money than it would cost for you to hire an IT person to help you accomplish the same with YouTube (you don’t have to view youtube videos at

    My overall complaint is the potential to mislead customers with their marketing strategy, and the absurd claims with the affiliate program.

  18. Hi Jake,

    In your questions above in determining if a business was sound you mentioned lastly, What would Jesus do? Great point! I’m curious if you have a personal relationship with Jesus? If so, awesome. If not, that’s ok. Just know He is real and He is God. He is all that matters and I’m eternally greatful for finally finding Him after seeking the truth for so many years! Some websites to check out if you have more interest – – – – (GREAT VIDEOS). thanks for your desire to make sure people know the truth. I have found that although being a very successful businessman is ok, that knowing our spiritual destiny and God’s eternal truths is the most important thing everyone should know) Blessings, Dave Young

  19. Talk Fusion is awsome….if you spent a fraction of your time hating and given the opportunity a shot, I bet you would have already began to leverage your income and help others do the same. Talk Fusion is the pinnacle of the growing video email world– I guess ignorant fools who have nothing better to do with their lives but hate blog wouldn’t understand what it is like to be a part of a major trend in telecommunications.
    And Bob Reina is a genius…hes helped change the lives of so many people (and animals). He is an extremely helpful person who really does care about those involved with his company.
    Whoever made this original post should just kick back and wait for 6 years to pass them by. Then see where talk fusion is….After you’re done kicking yourself maybe you’ll realize that if you channeled some of that negative energy into something positive, maybe you’d have had the foresight to see the beginning of something great.

  20. I am a founder associate with Talk Fusion and am doing well with it. I have been involved for about 3 1/2 months now and already have over 100 customers that are Using Talk Fusion. These are not other individuals looking for mlm’s, they are large corporate accounts that are using it for their business. One of my biggest achievements lately have been getting Talk Fusion approved by the F.B.I and the F.D.L.E to know market it to every law enforcement agency around the United States. That will be enough to prove to you that Talk Fusion is not a pyramid because the F.B.I would not be involved in a scam. So, recheck your sources….
    Bob Reina could put Talk Fusion on the shelves of the stores if he wanted to, but why? Why not offer it to consumers and allow them to do something with it as well? Talk Fusion sells a system, as does McDonalds when you buy their franchise. If you look at any store out there they are set up on a MLM frame, everyone aboves you in the corporate chain makes money off of what you are doing. So, instead of bashing Bob Reina for his idea and for what he is doing, why dont you give him props for the work that he has done, that AOL told him could never be done.
    So in the meantime, check out a few things Bob Reina has done, is a new social networking platform that will be the same size if not bigger than FACEBOOK. Give it time.
    TALK FUSION is also the ONLY VIDEO EMAIL PLATFORM that can be viewed on any smart phone including an IPHONE.
    My families law firm started using Talk Fusion just to thank customers for using our services and it has actually turned into my full time job.
    Feel free to contact me. I would love to get you pointed in the right direct with TALK FUSION. My email is SOLARINNOVATIONS@COMCAST.NET
    Also, please check out


  21. @Jake

    you a tart you go on totally contradicting your views toward talk fusion straight through the blog what is up with you?

    your opinion is two sided and regardless of what you think is wrong with the program you also saying how grate it is.

    I don’t use the program but reading how chaotic all the opinions are and how many are contradictory is astounding and a grate way to see how people cant make up there minds .

    think for a second if you can with out frying your last brain cell stop being hypocrite and contradicting your self it not good for your argument

    1. @darkraven thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep it in mind the next time I still don’t like Talk Fusion 🙂

  22. OK, after reading all this thread of opinions, it seems that the main blame addresses to Talk Fusion is why it is claiming sending Video emails whereas it is not, because videos are in fact, hosted and stored on Talk Fusion servers.

    So we admit, Jake, that Talk Fusion is not a real video email, because there’s no real transmission of video messages from inbox to another inbox.

    Apart a semantic problem, I don’t see really what could generate a real prejudice for the sender in this situation. Imagine one second that a company XYZ wants to send its video messages to thousands or hundreds of its customers.

    What result could be expected in this casem ? Thousands of customers see their inbox nearly filled with messages of at least 50 MB if not 100 MB or more. Do you think that it could be conceivable ? for the users ? and even for the ISPs ? How could you think that ISPs could manage a massive flood of video messages crossing and passing through their servers ?

    How could you think that the actual technology could handle that ? How could you think that the rate transmssion could handle this ? No actual infrastructure could handle this, unless you pay a lot of money to have a super fast Network within network connections made in optical fibers, and the routers and all connected equipment could not support such massive flood of information, and what about the inbox space capacity allowed by ISPs ? It would be several Gigas instead 100 or 200 MB for the most of us.

    We have to wait a faster ADSL technology era before we require to read directly the video messages in our inboxes which is not the case today. Am I right ?

  23. @darkraven…

    Before you accuse someone of frying their brain try spellcheck.


    Your propaganda is so last month…don’t worry they’ll change the “system” again for you in a few months or so


    where will TF be in six years? Ask yourself where the associates are from bob’s last two companies…left spinning in the breeze, that’s where.

  24. Nice info … I was wondering if talk fusion is better than our video email service … thanks for the enlightment that it’s video emails are fake.

  25. how are tokbox able to generate money to maintain their services? if you won’t mind askin’

  26. Every customer of any company that bought any products would bear their own risk and responsibilities. I bought 8 products from talkfusion and I am happy using it. It is worth for me to have this product rather than buying that does not give value specially ROI-Return Of Investment. It could be MLM or whatever source of income that I can generate that’s ok for me. Why don’t you try and you will see the having or not having them and then say anything you want to say against Bob Reina or Talkfusion. Your BLOG doesn’t help anyone but you just a jealous person that you can’t even think what’s best for everyone to earn something during this global crisis. Do something for us if you have that brilliant ideas and money to help people around the globe. Bob is just an extra ordinary person who created a business for everyone worldwide. Dream stealer… loser..

  27. Putting aside all the emotion about the owner and the term “MLM” I would like to look at what Talk Fusion actually does do. I am not a member, but am considering it for promoting my Send Out Card business. I have seen it in action and it does send a cool email that looks like a video (although it does open a seperate browser to play it). It is attention getting and personalized. I also tracks who looks at the video and click-through rates. All positive things. It also looks like they will have video conferencing and live broadcasting as well. Does anyone know of a product that does the same for less? I think with all of these blogs we need to leave the emotions out of it and look at the facts. Yes MLMs exsist. Yes most people make $0, that is a given. Let’s spend more time evaluating the products.

  28. I’m amazed at the negativity expressed in these posts by folks who have no idea what Talk Fusion is and all of the available services it offers. It seems to me all of these opinions are based on whether or not the video is embedded in the email or it is a link. The end user could care less if it works! A link would be better anyway so you don’t fill up your hard drive with large video files. As for the MLM, a good MLM will offer good products that are appealing to customers whether they become associates or not. I think that’s where Talk Fusion lands in the world of MLM’s. MLM’s are not for lazy people. It’s a business that has to be worked diligently to be successful. Everyone has a choice. They can join a MLM and work hard at achieving financial freedom or they can blast away at them and continue working the daily grind for the same old paycheck. Just like the old saying goes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  29. Site owner, I am not sure what your motivation is here at all. One thing about being a business owner is you are constantly at wars with customers, competitors and consumers who put up sites like this without regard to laws or bounds.

    You can call this site “Your opinion” However the site clearly has slanderous, libel and even tort involved. Although all of them are tough to fight in court unless you have a good attorney versed in this.

    Your comments are directed solely at the owner, and this company, and let me say first I came across this site by google and researching this company on its products and services. So to say the least you have truly indexed as one of the top placements which ultimately is now causing doubt or concern or public sway based on your so called opinion. Just look at the comments from consumers based on your so called opinion.

    In any court of law you can be held liable for many things especially if you have very little grounds for your posts, when your site uses words like SCAM or is this a SCAM or even in one of your responses to a post you state ” I have no problems with making $$, I just choose to do it in ways that are ethical by my standards”

    This is a direct statement that is more than clear that this is not an opinion at all, you are stating that this business is Unethical.

    I get sick and tired of sites and blogs who bad mouth and use the words “its my Opinion” or free speech to curb any suits when in fact this is not free speech you have done what you have set out to do.

    If I was handling this, they could do a hell of a lot more than send letters to your work. I could have your site shut down in 72 hours. They needed a better attorney. Its not that hard, that’s my opinion 🙂 at least

  30. Rather than Talk Fusion, MyVideoTalk is rocking with superb products and lucrative compensation plan, check it out

  31. Most people on this blog seem to think others don’t have a mind to pick and choose what items we want. When I go shopping you better believe not one person in that store is going to tell me what to or what not to buy, I make all kinds of decisions in my life, and I will be buying into Talk Fusion, I love the products they offer and I don’t need a “unlimited” webinar right now, so the products fit my needs in my life for now, and because I want these products and I will get paid for using them, is a bonus to me.

    Hope you all find what you need and want in life and that you understand there is a difference. Also I hope you see I didn’t bring down another company as I spoke of the one I am fond of, most people have a need to bring down one to boost another, and really there is no need for this.

    Good luck in your en-devours

  32. Jake, Jesus would do Talk fusion, or any MLM for that matter, because building a downline of interested associates looking for financial independence is no different than sharing the GOSPEL with people. When we share the “opportunity” for someone to have a relationship with Christ, some will be interested some will not. Some will have positive responses and opinions to what us BELIEVERS share, some will not. Some will join our “spiritual opportunity”, some will not. The ones that join are “interested” enough to join, the others are not. The whole MLM concept is based on the development of the New Testament church in that “the message went forth and thousands joined daily”. They were discipled and trained by those who “joined” before them. Now, I do realize that there are some people who join MLM’s and give them a horrible name and reputation because of their own actions. If you think about, seriously, many Christians have given Jesus’ legacy (Christianity) a bad name and reputation because of their own actions. Jake, Jesus started the MLM process by selecting 12 men who were just regular guys with fears and concerns and jobs just like many of us. Look at how many Christians exist today because they “FOLLOWED HIM” and duplicated HIS efforts. Jake, you asked a great question. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? But HE already answered your question over 2000 years ago with the way HE lived HIS life. Don’t confuse people with your opinion about how Jesus operates. God Bless You, my Christian brother.

  33. There’s a sucker born every minute. That is why Talk Fusion and companies like it exist (and no, it isn’t because of the fabulously cheezy “templates” that TF peddles). Clearly TF caters to the poorly educated (e.g., Boob above) and do not know any better than to use their own vid camera software or YouTube to “market” whatever it is they are marketing that isn’t TF.

    TF will die and go the way of all the other useless MLM products out there that have become obsolete.

  34. Mr. Jacob Bohall,

    What achievement or do you have any MLM company better than Talk Fusion or worst than worst business that help people with a little investment or capital or an amount worth of Talk Fusion Audio Video WebCommunication Technology? There are thousand of MLM company out there may be better or worst than what you think that you will include in your BLOG.
    Blog sites are for people who want to share beautiful and wonderful ideas that people around the globe should be proud of, instead of trashing Talkfusion. What made you think to go against Talk Fusion or Bob Reina. Are you jealous or may be he rob your fortune?.. You look like, a genius or moron or stupid or crazy or Satan that can’t think something brilliant ideas that people need to follow. What you will gain exactly if you keep bombarding Talkfusion.
    If you think Bob Reina/Talkfusion is as low as your status, why he can donate $250,000.00 to animal foundation.?
    Why DSA granted him that certificate? (DSA found below)
    Why State of Florida granted him that MLM/Direct Selling license?
    Why he was number one in ALEXA:

    My simple analysis is that, you don’t have that $5.5million sales every month :

    Bottom line, you don’t have what it take that Bob has all it takes.

    Adios Amigo….

  35. Wow…looks like you are doomed to cess pool thinking and there are always equally uninformed people willing to jump in and set at the table with you?! I looked for a long time FOR a MLM company with a good simple duplicatable system that I could roll up my sleeves and use to change my life. All because I was sick and tired of being in the corporate world’s pyramid scheme where I am at the bottom, and will always be, unless I spend thousands of dollars and hours in college and then sucessfully convince the ones in power to smile on me and give me a job. Yet the many who have invested all that and still don’t have a paycheck are bound by the “ethics” of our culture to keep begging someone to hire them? … Romeo has educated himself on the subject and dares to include the professional websites that happy sucessful people make their judgements by.

  36. I was just researching TF and found your original post with updates, over 2 years later! Thanks for your opinion on both the tools and the MLM side of TF. While the video email looks cool – as you mentioned, I appreciate you pointing out that there are ways to produce your own video, put it on your own website, and link it through email. The explanation on how the TF video email concept works is also great for those of us who are non-techies. If you like the tools and want to use them or sell them, great. But, the opportunity overview I saw was all about MLM. There’s something about reaching the Diamond level that brings other MLM companies to mind. And, hey, nice to know Bob Reina gives back – he IS at the TOP you know!

  37. What would Jesus do…. ???? Not try to discredit nor waste HIS time trying to discredit this global visionary.
    Poor broke people spend more people complaining about than advancing opportunities.

  38. You know, my wife participates in TF and hasn’t made a dime. Flew out to the event and wants me to quit my job etc etc… I will be the first to say that I don’t like MLM. I can’t remember the exact number of people that participate in MLM companies but I believe it’s around 5%. (Everyone please fire away corrections at me) I don’t understand how the no one is using pure logic on these products… Honestly, while investigating TF and every other video source for emails, video meetings etc… I truly believe that TF isn’t needed. Sure great ideas, but they aren’t anything that someone could quite easily get for free from other sources (YouTube, Skype, tokbox, face time).

    The shroud of making millions in a short time is appealing for many, but the reality of it is not likely. Good for the few that have the money, terrible for the ones that pay for them to have it. I don’t see the true leaders of video type products (Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc…) going anywhere but up. MLM companies come and go… don’t be surprised when this one goes.

    One final opinion/ comment… If Bob Reina truly looked out for the little person. He would open jobs that you wouldn’t have to pay him to have. He would give you benefits, PTO and a constant consistent pay… Maybe even free coffee.

    – Yours Truly…

  39. Wow, reading this was better than any movie you could see. Perhaps better than seeing all the best movies in the world at once! I agree with Mark, just use logic. Hasn’t the act of doing business been around for, lets say thousands of years? You have a product (hopefully a really good or great one) you want other people to use/have that product so that you can get something in return, money, food, or whatever. And then BAM a transaction is made. I’m basically muttering at this point, but I hope the point set here is that be smart, it’s only a scam if you let it be.

    p.s. I hope more comments follow, and make’em good! I love the nonstop bickering back and forth of who is right and who is wrong. Aren’t we all a little wrong and right?

    …and here we go!

  40. My name is Sky and I have done much research on incorporating my passion of technology with possible business opportunities available such as Talk Fusion and Myvideotalk. I teach high school students and adults technology for a living, and am strongly considering Talk Fusion at this time (November, 2011).

    I would like a breakdown comparison between Myvideotalk, Talk Fusion, and TokBox if at all possible to eliminate possible bias and opinion from the truth. Please give us the facts laid out in an easily digestable portion Jacob. Every MLM/business opportunity has winners and losers- that is a fact of life in every business field globally (especially MLM). My best friends have recently (November 1, 2011) signed up with Talk Fusion and seem very excited by it. I regard my friends decisions very highly to say the least. Even though I appreciate this website Jacob, it is extremely biased against Talk Fusion- without a lot of facts due to them being lost within the bias.

    Thank you in advance,


  41. I have been looking for a biz opp and also into franchise models too.

    I don’t know how I got info on Talk Fusion. Their brochures and advising material is extremely slick and professional. I am currently talking to a guy who is so salesy and fast he doesn’t leave you time to even think!!

    It is all about other people servicing your line and you making money from others without really producing anything. I felt that this strategy was not ethical. I talked about paying the lowest fee of £76 for just the email video and not being able to afford £400 for 3 centres. But I was told that I should go in at £156 and purchase the entire suite. Also I was told that people could only buy from the associates as it would not be stocked in stores. Come 2012 and it would be going like wildfire as the competitors could not touch it.

    I questioned the productivity side of it. In all fairness I was told it was a great product for many businesses because of its capability (email video) to track people who have viewed it. For instance an estate agent who videos the interior of a house then loads it onto his site he is automaticaly building a list of people who have clicked onto his video. He is then able to contact them directly because of this unique marketing strategy.

    Then I was told the tracking was great because of its deliverability. I am unsure exactly what that means. Is it that the tracking of people who click the videos and are automatically put into an email list building doc is unique and noone else employs this technique well and businesses can benefit from it big time? Sorry about the tortured sentence before. But you probably get my gist.

    Or perhaps the deliverability means the ease of inserting a video clip into emails is better than any other currently out there. I would need a demonstration to see if that was the case.

    Most marketers I know use Camtasia and similar and put their clips into emails or on blogs etc with an optin form to capture their customers emails for list building purposes.

    So is there something very quick and unique about using TalkFusion’s product that I am missing here that makes every other similar business redundant?

    MLM does not sit comfortably with me unless I can see the productivity angle really benefiting the masses. At the moment it looks like a really nice toy for social and business activities.

    Anybody got any real live experiences of its advantaqes above other video vendors?

    Finally, though this company has been going for a few years, they build into their sales technique the scarcity value that if you are not buying into the product immediately you are losing out or you can’t be serious enough. …..And, you know what ladies and gentlemen, onto the next one so sayeth the TalkFusion salesman.

  42. Hello,
    This is a very nice article. I’m surprised and amused that an “owner” of a company would actually start contacting individual bloggers objecting to their opinions. But then, this post was over two years ago. So I guess sites like Twitter and Facebook have taken care of the freedom of expression bit with opinions changing governments in the recent past.
    My opinion about MLMs. They’re a great business model and do indeed give people a chance to make big bucks…IF they really give it their all. It’s like any other business. Definitely not as simple as it sounds. Selling is not everybody’s piece of cake. Having said that, I’ve been involved in product based MLMs and have even made decent profits.
    I prefer the high yield investment market [HYIP] segment. Considered by many as play-investment, I make much more through calculated and well researched choices rather than joining every other too-good-to-be-true plan out there. 1% to 2.5% daily returns plus principle returns are well worth the high risks involved. The internet is a great ocean for a sensible person to do his bit of research online. I opened a facebook page called LibertyHYIP where I interact with like-minded people. It’s like a forum of info exchange where the risk quotient etc is mentioned clearly. See if this might help someone with a new avenue
    As I recently told someone, it doesn’t take an MBA in finance to research and take a call on such plans. Working great for me, but to each his/her own.

  43. Request received from Talk Fusion US Video Communication Center Form – xxxxxxx First Name: xxxx Last Name: xxxxxxxxx Phone Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx Email Address: Questions or Comments: I joined Talk Fusion as a Technology perdson who wanted to use the video platforms in my Corporate Business Development…As a recent graduate with a BA in Media Arts and Masters Student in online Education Technologies…I put your platforms to task with multiple problems regarding my Mac platform. The emails over the past 4 months to support will document that my issues were never resolved regarding the Fusion booster/never worked…when i used my non-linear video editor and added music and sound tracks the tracking was off sync…numerous times after spending time building a template and then upload a video that would fail coding and lose the time involved in the template because you can’t save it until the video has been coded…that gets old quick. As a user, I have explored the limits of the system compared to Youtube, where i have uploaded over 100 videos and allowed over 4 gigs. Most of your users are probably not testing the limits of the Talk Fusion’s video platforms…but if in the future you solve the Mac compatibility issues I would be a good candidate for an online technical support position for the Technically Savvy who want to use the platform in Business and not just selling the system.
    I don’t think the experience proved worth the time and investment because of the lack of professional support from staff that are passing on the Corporate Strategy other than Direct Sales Hype…I don’t think there is anyone in your organization that actually represents Corporate “House Accounts” that can share how Mainstream Corporate America is being approached and managed…if i wrong let me know.
    But these are my reasons after hours of testing the actual use of the video platforms and getting unsatisfactory results from support and therefore choose to disconnect.

    Hi xxxx,

    Thanks for your educational credentials.

    Here is a fact for you: We have over 15 million videos in the system that were successfully uploaded with the Booster by people using a MAC.

    Lack of professional support? Here is another FACT! We have more Customers than Associates who participate in the Direct Selling Model. So, once again, your view is opposite of the facts.

    While we respect that everybody can have an opinion, we do not agree with yours and we happily will disconnect your account at this time.



  44. MLM systems are mathematically unviable. Just search around the web and find why. Some ppl will earn money, but that’s just a very small percentage of all the ppl in the system, so if you are getting money from a MLM system, more than one ppl will be losing money, so think about it from an ethical pov. It’s not illegal, of course, and I’m not gonna say it’s a scam, just a shitty service that could be accomplished in other cheaper ways. The service is just an excuse for the real MLM system, that relies on the rep. hunting


  46. I know Bob Reina and is is the most ego-tisyical person I’ve ever met. He thinks he owns everyone and is a total scumbag regardless of talk fusion. It’s funny he tells everyone that he was a cop and had an idea and followed up on it and made millions. What a crock of crap. He got millions from his grandma and invested his money. What he needs to do is spend his millions and get help for his bipolar and anger issues

  47. if you take a Master Con Artist teaching Thousands of people his technique. and convince them to convince other people that its a legitimate business opportunity.. this equals into a very dangerous and evil scheme! yet if you look at it from a money making perspective.. its absolutely genius!!

    To me it seem like another pyramid system. another MLM, another dead-end! but i guess you have to take your hat off to the founder, he took a idea and turned it into Millions of $$. Bravo to him!

  48. Thanks, these bastards have taken about 2K of my money and their service does not work….I is always in repair, not sending not functioning and has created a hell for me…They have stolen money and never given me the service they promised. They change the format continually and then it still doesn’t work… I have to call them over and over to attempt to get my videos to send (and this is a business for me) and may fix it for the moment or not at all and they all act so innocent like they just know nothing all the while I am spending money and loosing money in my business because their service doesn’t work. I need a videos service to get my business out there and they have destroyed my income over the past about 2 years. Hope you shut them down or make they pay !!!!!!!! J.Lucas

  49. everyone who want to join the TF thing should read about this article.
    thank you very much to Jake who describe it in the right way.
    there’s only 2 people who want to join TF scumbag and idot

  50. Thanks for the whole information Jake, your experience is awesome. It helps me a lot ! Yesterday i got an offer from TF , gladly i read your post and tomorrow i’ll reject it B)
    “You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her decks? I have no time for such nonsense.” Napoleon Bonaparte

  51. Thank you for the honest post!

    You just confirmed all my insticts about this company.

    I’ll just stay away from Talk Fusion and will advise others to do the same.

  52. Some time ago, a relative of mine tried to get me interested in ‘Talk Fusion’. He invited me to watch a some kind of video about the fundamentals of Talk Fusion. Personally I wasn’t interested, because the whole idea seemed to me like a pyramid scheme. In the beginning of may 2013, another person tried to interest me in Talk Fusion. He motivated me to meet one of the contact persons online, after he send me video file where another Talk Fusion person talked about this and that for about forty(40) minutes. And again I felt, that it sounded like a pyramid scheme. I’m still not impressed even after hearing testimonies of Talk Fusion members across the globe. But at one point I can relate to you mr. Jacob Bohall. And that’s number 6. ‘What would JESUS do?’

  53. J.Lucas, you are SO right! I had the same experience with TRYING to get their auto responders published…they don’t tell you that you need another hosting source to even get your auto responder out there, which means ANOTHER charge! Sorry Talk Fusion, I can make unhosted auto responder and lead generation forms for free all day long!

  54. I just purchased an elite package of Talkfusion the other day, and upload some videos with 2 minutes duration and took about 30 minutes to upload it. damnnn that was so long. So i start to send the video emails to some of my friends as well as my other personal email. guess what! None of the emails sent through even if i have been sending it for as much as 10-15 times! .

    I hope its just a down in the main server. If its not . . . this product is totally a scam! I sent an email to talkfusion support but its been 2 days that they have not respond at all to my email. So unprofessional .

  55. Look at the date of my post. Count the year since the beginning of Talk Fuzion (notice the spelling of “Fuzion”? Some of you know why 😉 . It is 2014 and talk fuZion is nowhere near the level of google, facebook, windows or apple. I am Indonesian and here (unfortunately) after several scamming MLM/Network Marketing/watchamacallit passed by, people has not learned yet. Talk FuZion is marketed as a “get-rich-fast” business, NOT some video conference genies and it sells!

    All known MLM members/associates/resellers/whatevers (particularly the ones that have not made much) will reply with hostility toward any “negative comment”. I am getting annoyed by them about as much as I am getting annoyed by the “ethics” of these businesses.
    If the product is good, it speaks for itself and the positive voices will silence all negative voices, and so far, I’d say that Talk FuZion is not looking too good (even in Indonesia, which is in average less educated).

  56. well, talk fusion has a product that can promote whatever business you’re having and making it become a newsletter with a video on it. the this is, you said that youtube are easier to use and free. okay, for example you search “blablabla cafe” and promote it beside the video will show you related videos like “abc cafe”, “def cafe” with more views than yours. then what happen? you lost a customer and you ended promoting other people cafe. FYI, it’s been nominated on the forbes magazine. so why don’t you just go research. They’ve been upgrading their product so.. shut up

  57. it really makes me confused. A friend of mind is very confident doing TF business and he has been trying to to get me interested in TF. But my heart still not “click” yet.
    Reading those opinions confusing me much more.

  58. When I came home for the holidays, My cousin is to sell TF to my Mother, She said it was an opportunity to get rich, now “TF” has spread to china.
    Some seemingly professional terminology and garish page by, people do not understand the Internet technology to cheat,
    I think this is obviously an updated version of the Ponzi scheme, so I Google “TF” and CEO.
    So lucky to see Jacob this article, thank you very much!
    I will tell my friends and family, do not let them be deceived.

  59. Do not be fooled, this is a huge pyramid scam. Now TF is doing great damage in Indonesia signing in poor people who got brainwashed and are taking loan to join the scheme, thinking that they will get rich as described in TF Video.
    TF must be brought to justice as the massive scam that it is.

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