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Update: Salman Khan and Google Play

Video is available: Google Play presents: Salman Khan of Khan Academy: youtu.be/BumLpOezUvo via @youtube — Jake Bohall (@jakebohall) October 25, 2012 So, I was selected to be one of the individuals to ask Mr. Khan a question during the Google Play interview…  YAY.      Here is the video of the interview and its full […]

Getting Rails to Work on a Windows Machine Running Xampp

Wow… so I wrote a post on my struggles getting Rails to work on my Windows Machine, and then I figured it out. I’ve been developing in various languages, and using Xampp to for my server, database, and programming language (Apache, MySQL, PHP). Nevertheless, I have finally got it working, and it was a lot […]

Installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on Virtual PC to Run Ruby on Rails

This post follows a 14 hour struggle to get Rails going on my Windoze Vista and my Windoze XP machine. I’ve been doing PHP development for a little while now, and have been using Xampp on both of my machines to create a local server for web-development. Recently we made a decision to build one […]