Merry Christmas from Allstate?

Hi Thomas,

I have always had Bob XYZ as my agent, but you are now listed on the website as my agent when I login, so I am now contacting you.  In addition, I will be sending a copy of this email to Bob XYZ and posting a copy on my website.  I was not able to find a general customer service email for Allstate that I could also involve.

I cancelled all three of my Allstate policies effective midnight 11/1/2011.  I had paid my renters (renewed 08/11) and motorcycle (started 07/11) policies in full, but was making monthly installments on my auto policy (renewed 08/11).

When speaking with Bob regarding the cancellation of my policy, we went over the fact that there would be “penalties” for cancelling my policies, and discussed the refunds I would receive on the motorcycle and renters policies, as well as the bill that would be due for the auto policy.

Within a week of cancellation, I started receiving significant amounts of “spam” mail to my home from Allstate.  I understand, but do not appreciate, these aggressive attempts to win back my business.  With equal swiftness to the spam mail, I received an invoice for the outstanding balance on my auto policy.  It has been less than 60 days since my policies were cancelled, and I believe I have received 2-3 notices for my outstanding balance.

To date, I have not received any information from Allstate regarding the outstanding balance(s) owed to me for the policies which were paid in full.  I was informed by Bob that it would be likely that Allstate would send me the bill before they sent me any credits, and that Allstate’s computer systems weren’t advanced enough to calculate the balance owed from the differences and bill me accordingly.

I’ve patiently waited and have felt only minor frustration whilst opening the spam letters repeatedly mailed to my home to find a solicitation for my business and the repeated statements for balances owed to allstate versus any statement or acknowledgment of a balance owed to me for my other policies.

I have now lost my patience, as it has been less than 60 days since I cancelled my policy and today I received a phone call from a collection agency contracted by you on 12/14 to collect this debt.  This was less than 45 days from the cancellation of my policy.   I explained to the collection agent that I will gladly pay this debt after I receive some type of acknowledgement from Allstate to the credit that is owed to me.   I also inquired about their rates, as it seems I may need to hire an agency to help me collect from you 🙂